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Protect Your Valuables From Floodwater

Protect Your Valuables From Floodwater

When renting a unit, there are a few things to consider that can help protect your valuables from possible damage. Flood waters and moisture can damage furniture as well as clothing. This is why it’s important to plan out the order in which you will be placing your items in storage.

Here are some tips…

  • Smaller belongings can be placed on a sturdy shelf against a wall. Shelving not only makes it easier to organize and access your belongings, it also will keep them above water levels.
  • Large items, such a sofas or dressers can be placed on pallets or anything similar that will elevate them a few inches off the ground. This elevation will also allow air to circulate around your belongings.
  • Delicate and miscellaneous items such as upholstery and clothing can be placed in plastic waterproof sheets.
  • Be sure to check your unit periodically after heavy rains for floodwater and moisture. High moisture left alone for an extended period of time can damage fragile items

These tips can help minimize any resulting damage should floodwaters ever be a concern. If you will be storing items that are especially susceptible to damage due to high moisture, you may want to consider storing in a climate controlled unit. Some of these belongings include: electronics, vintage clothing and furs, antiques, and leather or wood furniture.

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