We are committed to not only providing an excellent experience for our customers but also in protecting our environment. Throughout our facilities valley wide we are reducing our carbon footprint in several forms.

Wind Turbines & Solar Panels

  • 1 Wind Turbine – In 2018 our wind turbine produced 5,500 kWh.
  • 652 Solar Panels – In 2018 our solar panels produced 174,000kWh.

Our own energy production (solar panels and wind turbine) provided for about 18% of our energy consumption.

How much energy does each of our facilities produce from solar panels?

  • Harlingen – 17%
  • Brownsville – 14%
  • Weslaco – 10%
  • Donna – 24%
  • McAllen (23rd Street) – 16%
  • McAllen (Ware Road) – 22%
  • McAllen (10th) – 24%
  • Edinburg – 15%
  • Mission – 36%

LED Lighting

At our McAllen facility on Ware Road and our Brownsville facility we have switched to LED lighting. By switching to LED lighting our energy consumption will be approximately 15-20% less, significantly reducing our carbon footprint.


At our Harlingen facility we have partnered with Redfish to offer our customers the opportunity to help us improve our environment by recycling. When our customers are organizing their unit they may use our Redfish recycle bin for the following items:

  • Paper and cardboard
    – newspaper
    – magazines
    – cardboard boxes
    – mail
    – books
    – paperboard food boxed and cartons
  • Plastics
    – bottles and jugs labels with a 1 and 2
    – containers and cups labeled with a 1 and 2
  • Metal
    – aluminum cans
    – tin cans

Recycling is good for the economy. A study by the Southern States Waste Management Coalition found that the recycling industry in Texas employs 20,000 workers and adds $2.9 billion in value to the Texas Economy.

At Affordable Attic we believe in striving for excellence and a better way of life. To get a better understanding of our culture visit our Attic Gives Back page. You can also visit any of our Affordable Attic locations.