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Tips On Getting The Most Out Of Your Storage Space

Tips On Getting The Most Out Of Your Storage Space

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Renting a unit at Affordable Attic is fast and easy. The hard part is organizing your belongings into the unit.
First, make sure you have enough moving supplies. This includes boxes, bubble wrap, tape, dolly and furniture covers. Furniture covers can be used not only to cover up furniture but also appliances and mattresses. Every Affordable Attic locations sells moving supplies. Feel free to stop by any of our locations to purchase what you need.

Tip #1
Make sure the unit you have rented is the perfect size for your belongings to fit in. If you need help with this, visit our unit size guide by clicking here.
You may also stop by any of our locations and our facility director can show you a couple of different unit sizes. This visual is a great help to many of our current customers.

Tip #2
Pack the fragile belongings such as dishes and glasses in medium sized boxes. Be sure to place enough padding between each item. Wrap the belongings individually with either newspaper or bubble wrap. Be aware that if you use newspaper, there is a chance that the plates and glasses will have the imprint of the newspaper on them until you wash the belongings again.

Tip #3
When packing heavy belongings be sure not to place too many of these belongings in one box. The weight can be too much for your back and it can even cause the box to tear. Surround the heavy belongings with lightweight belongings.

Tip #4
Take a good look at the size of your storage unit. Whether you do this in your head or on paper, be sure to plan out where your belongings will go. If you have furniture or big bulky belongings, you might want to consider placing these in the far back of the storage unit. Make sure to leave a walkway. Otherwise it will be a challenge getting to your belongings once you’ve placed everything in the storage unit.

Tip #5
Pack the heavy belongings first in the moving vehicle. This way the heavy belongings are the first thing you move into the unit. They are usually the least moved once everything is in the unit. You’ll want to move the lighter belongings next. These are usually accessed more often. Placing portable shelves in your unit can help keep things in order and make it easier to sift through your belongings.

Tip #6
Now that everything is neatly organized in the storage unit, you may want to label the boxes with color markers. Assign a color to each room. This will make it easier to spot when you are trying to find something in particular. Don’t forget to cover furniture with plastic covers or even comforters.
Remember that our facility directors are here to help with your self-storage needs. If you have questions about your storage unit or need assistance with purchasing moving supplies, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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